About Arkansas License Plate

Our Mission

At Arkansas License Plate, our mission is to provide fast, accurate, and reliable license plate information to all residents and businesses in Arkansas. We strive to make the process of obtaining vehicle registration details as effortless as possible, ensuring that our users have the information they need, when they need it.

Our History

Founded in 2010, Arkansas License Plate has quickly become the go-to resource for license plate lookups in the state. What began as a small initiative to simplify vehicle information access has grown into a vast database and an indispensable tool for thousands of users.

Our Services

We offer an array of services designed to meet the various needs of our users, including:

  • License Plate Lookup - Obtain details about a vehicle and its owner through its license plate number.
  • Vehicle History Reports - Get in-depth information on a vehicle’s history including accidents, recalls, and ownership changes.
  • Custom Plates - Learn how to create and order custom license plates in Arkansas.

Connect with Us

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Thank you for choosing Arkansas License Plate as your trusted source for license plate information in Arkansas. We are committed to continuous improvement and serving the Arkansas community.